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Kurtis’ Journal Background Documents

Kurtis’ Journal Background Documents

The creative genius of writer Murti Schofield combines with the fan-driven passion of the Dark Angel Symphony team to bring you a unique artefact: Kurtis”Demon Hunter” Trent’s personal journal!

Below are background research documents for the journal provided by the author himself.


Born 1st Jan 1961 in Limoges. Son of Bernard and Claudine Jaubert, (ex-janitor Old Geezer aged 60 in AOD). Family moved to Rennes in Brittany in 1966.  When his mother died in 1971, in unexplained circumstances, the family moved again, this time to Amien north of Paris. Daniel was 10 yrs old.

Rennes is age 41 at time of AOD


Joined French Navy in 1983 aged 22x. Changed name to Rennes.

Selected for French Commando Frogmen training in 1984.

Underwent intensive training for Combat Swimmer Unit, Nageurs d’Intervention Offensive, N.I.O. – an Engineer Regiment.


Specialised in underwater demolition, operating manned stealth torpedoes, re-breather extraction missions and combat swimmer tactical assault sorties. Honorary citation and decorated. Made up to an Assault & Demolition officer.


Recruited for Select Tactical Swimmer Unit, Trépal Covert Cadre T.C.C.

Took part in many classified missions in all international and territorial waters.


Involved in sinking of Rainbow Warrior in Auckland NZ in 1985.

Last big action in Persian Gulf 1987.

Left the Service 1988. Indicted for misappropriation of forces equipment and supplies, gross insubordination and conduct unbecoming.


Engaged in extensive mercenary activity for various international recruitment agencies (but not Gunderson’s Agency). Criminal connections in Marseilles, Bourges, Nice and eventually Paris, where he provides information and services for Bouchard.


Extremely paranoid and furtive…and eventually, dead 2002.



Emmet Brough, ‘Noose’, The Assassin, The Cleaner, The Pinkerton


A Vietnam vet, Emmet ‘Noose’ Brough, a small framed, hard bitten Texan, served as a Tunnel Rat on two tours in The Green. His kill score was outstanding and he received multiple commendations and a reputation as an exemplary ‘dark-knife’. The Vietnam War ended in 1975 but Emmet stayed on in a ‘private’ capacity only returning to the States in 1977. There he found it impossible to adjust to civilian life and became embroiled in turf wars with drug gangs, and was constantly having brushes with the police. With a life that was spiralling out of control he decided to drive across America on a Harley Davidson 750 acquired from a Mexican drug dealer he near beat to death. At best it was a half-hearted attempt at a fresh start (1978). Once established on the West Coast he was quickly drawn to violence and engaged in numerous brawls and shoot-outs amongst the various biker fraternities. Eventually his talents as a hard hitter with knife skills to match were recognised by the biker anarchists and he was awarded his Dequiallo patch and inducted into the Alamo Avengers charter of the California Hell’s Angels (1979). He ran with them for four years and carved out a niche for himself as an ‘enforcer’, scoring over twenty ‘closures’ not just in the Sunshine State but across the Union.


  1. Whilst running an Alamo protection number against a rival gang in Houston, he was approached by someone he had once encountered in Nam, a covert ops specialist who spoke with an oddly unidentifiable accent. This enigmatic European now introduced himself as Verin Stetlars, a different name from the one he had used on tour in The Green. Emmet is now 29yrs old.


Verin explained that he had tracked Emmet down to offer him an unusual assignment, a contract hit in the Chaco Canyon region, New Mexico. Verin represented something that called itself The Agency and they operated world wide as an enforcement and contingency service.


The present situation was this: a team of Verin’s had carried out an incursion mission against a Native American gang in competition with parties Verin’s Agency was contracted to protect. The Amerindians had been holed up in a Navajo lodge, basically a fortified stronghold, and when Verin’s team attacked the plan had gone badly wrong. The level of force encountered took them completely by surprise. Four team members were killed outright and it was uncertain whether any of the intended targets had been eliminated. At present two surviving Agency team members were on the lam pursued by vengeful Amerinds and time wasn’t on their side. The two had to be extracted leaving no evidence. Verin stressed this several times: leaving no evidence. The proposed outline was a lightning fast in-and-out scenario. Nothing elaborate. Minimum contact with the enemy. Ultra covert. Like so many missions Emmet had executed in Nam. That could mean a number of things but Emmet was comfortable with all of them, whatever they were.


Verin also explained that the job was well paid, very well paid, and that Emmet had the pick of a well equipped, select team of six should he choose to work that way. Emmet did not. He operated alone. Always had. Always would. He would take on the job as long as he could run it his way. Verin agreed. Preparations would begin immediately. Agreed? Agreed.


The irregular nature of the proposal, in fact the whole set up, intrigued Emmet. There were unspoken meanings behind every statement Verin made. Unravelling the verbal camouflage and smoke screen around what the guy was actually saying, the simple data was this: an elimination mission. Never mind the original mission objectives. He was being asked to clean up a mission gone wrong. Remove all incriminating evidence of the original team. Simple. Clean.


Nothing in this gave Emmet any qualms. He could go along with the outlined objectives whilst nursing a knife-sharp reserve about Verin himself. Who the hell was this guy? Everything about him and the proposal triggered alarm bells. It was, to be perfectly Saxon about it, definitely on the f*!*in’ weird scale – but holy hell, what an opportunity! The money would be useful sure, but what Emmet found himself responding to was a truly exceptional opportunity for further engagement with this Agency. It was up to him to ensure that things worked out at Chaco. He would definitely have to prove his bona fides on this one. His specialist skills, honed during two tours of Nam, made him ideally suited to the kind of work Verin was offering. [NB a quirk of Emmet’s style is that he never swears.]


The Chaco clean up mission was Emmet’s first involvement in the ongoing shadow war between the Lux Veritatis and The Cabal, as represented by Verin’s Agency presence. He didn’t know that or understand what it all meant, not at this early stage, but it was obvious that things were on a different level from anything he had ever experienced before. He liked that. Like it a lot!


In summary, he located the two Agency mercenaries and took care of them as Verin had intimated. But that was where things took a turn for the bizarre. The Amerinds, whoever or whatever they were, had also caught up with the mercenaries and suddenly Emmet was being pursued by some of the most lethal individuals he had ever encountered. They had weapons and abilities he would never have believed possible. It was a wake up call from Hades.


He barely escaped, aided by the timely intervention of Verin on the outskirts of the Arizona desert hinterlands. Verin had been laying in wait with a chopper to extract him, a contingency they had planned for, although Emmet never really expected him to be there. It was out of character, as far as he could tell. But there he was. It was Nam all over again.


They lifted off barely ahead of the avenging Amerind contingent and Emmet ‘Noose’ the Cleaner, entered a different world from anything he could have dredged up from a, frankly, under-exercised imagination.  He had become a peripheral component in a centuries long battle between the Lux Veritatis and their ancient, embittered enemies, the Cabal of the Black Alchemist, Pieter van Eckhardt.


[The ‘Amerinds’ were, of course, Konstantin Heissturm, Marie Cornel, an LV blade-adept named Marcus Pyle, Kurtis (age 11 and still undergoing LV training) and Chingacha Red Hand (Kurtis’ half brother 19x yrs old). They had been ambushed at the Navajo Lodge, serving as an LV safe house. In response they had destroyed the Agency interlopers in record time and pursued the survivors – only to find them already dead, despatched by someone who then escaped across the wastelands and was lifted by helicopter barely ahead of his pursuers. Subsequent investigations came up with details on an Emmet Brough, Hell’s Angel member and ex-Alamo enforcer, aka ‘Noose’ or The Cleaner’. Brough also managed, somehow, to vanish without trace from the U.S. and only surfaced from that point on in a variety of violent, Agency linked incidents in Europe There were always fatalities involved, sometimes multiple.]


Summary – brief

  • Emmet gets whisked off to Europe and following Verin’s recommendation as a wet work specialist, is enrolled by Gunderson into the Agency proper as a regular freelancer.
  • Emmet gets a fresh identity & documentation and adopts the moniker The Pinkerton.
  • He carries out a programme of cleaning (enforcement) operations for Gunderson throughout Europe, the Soviet Union and neighbouring Nations.


FURTHER CONTACTS between KURTIS and EMMET, The Pinkerton.

By 1993 Kurtis Trent is in his 2nd year in the Legion.  He is contacted by an ex-legionnaire buddy, Gille Sergent, who works, or has worked, for the Agency and is thinking of setting up a high end security service. With an ex-Stasi pal, Köhl ‘Lemmi’ Becker, Gille has established Partnership A, basically a mercenary set up with contacts across the Russian States and in the Paris underworld (in particular a ‘boss’ called Bouchard). They want Kurtis, with his skills and Legionnaire reputation as the Demon Hunter, to consider joining them. Kurtis is due some leave and heads off for a meeting in Budapest. When Kurtis arrives there is no sign of them at the rendezvous. He investigates and discovers that they have been ‘retired’, messily, and all evidence of their endeavour to establish Partnership A has been destroyed.


The Agency’s policy on leaving its ranks is that no-one does. There’s no such thing as ex-Agency. You are either in – or out, out meaning deceased. Gunderson has directed The Pinkerton to shut Partnership A down. Completely. Kurtis is able to track this Pinkerton assassin but loses his trail on the Russian border. K suspects, from evidence he is able to glean, that this may be the same individual that was involved in the Chaco Lodge incident back in 1983 where ‘Noose’ subsequently vanished.


The encounter is inconclusive but does arouse Kurtis’ interest in the Agency, and at a later stage, after his 5x years in the Legion (1996), he makes himself known to them, even taking some low level commissions in order to infiltrate the organisation. He has come to realise that the Agency is tied in with a group he is very interested in indeed – The Cabal. After cautious overtures Kurtis allows himself to be recruited (whilst in Munich, 1997) using the name Jack ‘Slipknot’ Twain and begins carrying out more hard line contracts for them. This provides the opportunity to use his considerable ingenuity to uncover how involved they are, or at least how involved Gunderson is, with Pieter van Eckhardt. Eckhardt is someone Kurtis knows to be the Black Alchemist, an individual at the heart of the LV Cabal Shadow War. Part of Kurtis’ early years of LV training, before he ran away from active participation in the Shadow War to join the Legion, was a detailed schooling in LV history. Eckhardt featured prominently in all the worst parts of the interminable conflict.  The centuries-long struggle has never been less than brutal and merciless and was the cause of Kurtis’ father Konstantin being murdered. It is to avenge this crime that Kurtis seeks to exact a violent retribution against the unnatural, non-human creature that Eckhardt has become.


BROUGH. Apart from the Partnership A massacre in Budapest Brough, now calling himself The Pinkerton, has been active building a black CV that reads like a demon’s resume. He carries out the 1997 Zealand Äktion bombings in Denmark, the 1999 Hamburg Coballi gang network elimination and many clean up missions for the Agency.


KURTIS. Whilst in Paris (2002) carrying out his own investigations Kurtis runs across The Pinkerton, Brough, again. There is a brutal exchange of hostilities in the Parisian catacombs, during which Brough is wounded by Kurtis’ Chirugai. He escapes through the dark passages of the 21st Arrondissement souterain but the clash leaves Brough very badly shaken. The last time he saw anyone using a terrifying weapon like that flying blade was 19x years ago (1983) at Chaco Canyon and the trauma of that incident has left its indelible mark on him.


Brough makes his way to one of Bouchard’s warehouse hide-outs where he is taken care of by the resident pègre medic. His intention is to get back on the track of this young Jack-a-Blade as soon as possible and this time…this time he won’t be the one leaving with his tail between his legs! Patched up but not yet feeling 100% he is delighted when Bouchard contacts him to take care of a young female meddler caught up in the Monstrum killings. She will be at the apartment of a Professor Von Croy, site of the academic’s recent murder. Not much is known about this young interloper so she should be an easy take.


The explosive encounter between Ms Croft and the Pinkerton is detailed in the AOD skirmish at 613, Rue Valise, Apartment 9, Chantell Building. Pinkerton RIP.



“Everything is pattern and harmony.

Everything begins with, and derives from, sound.

The Code is All.” L Veritatis maxim.


Baetyl stones aka training blades, knife missiles or excision blades, are roughly arrowhead-shaped artefacts forged by Lux Veritatis adepts from meteorite iron or ferrilium (Fl). Another LV term for a Baetyl is arcus procul or ‘far bow’.


Ferrilium is an unusual fusion-amalgam of iron and trace elements, predominantly complex silica compounds. The material exhibits extremely high-level magnetic properties. These can be further augmented by arcane alchemical processing to become an elementally paired isotope form of iron (ferrum Fe). Such esoteric manipulations create a material which can be controlled and manipulated to an astounding degree by any psychically gifted mind attuned and trained in its uses.


  • LV initiates are trained to attune to the vibrational resonances of the material by touch and by sound. Each trainee is allocated a particular Baetyl stone to work with.
  • Starting with the stone resting on the palm, or in cupped hands, the initiate is coached in how to produce a low, barely audible humming note, an ‘awakening’ vibration, that resonates with the natural piezoelectric signature of the meteorite iron. This part of the training process involves entering into self-induced trance states. The atonal sounds thus produced lock into the dormant properties of the meteorite stone.
  • This ‘harmonic note’ strengthens the empathic or resonant connection between the stone’s properties and the initiate. [reference: Tibetan atonal humming, discordant-harmonic scales and singing bowls.]
  • With much practice an activated stone can be induced to hover, riding on the Earth’s magnetic fields.
  • The next step is to learn how to impart an impulse to the Baetyl driving it forward and guiding it, known as steering. The Baetyl can be made to accelerate and weave patterns riding along the planetary magnetic fields like a dolphin rides the ocean waves.
  • These weave-patterns can propel the knife missile in zig zags, loops, spirals, spins and slicing back and forth cross-stitch formations.
  • At the end of each training exercise the Beatyl should be returned to its point of origin on the controller’s palm.
  • An initiate must be able to maintain the intense concentration needed to control a knife missile under conditions of extreme duress. This means that the trainee will be distracted, struck, beaten or even attacked with other knife missiles whilst practicing Baetyl control. It is an arduous and highly dangerous process requiring years of dedication.
  • There are some individuals, however, who display extraordinary aptitude for such training and can progress very rapidly. In some rare and promising cases the Baetyl training will lead to working with a proto-chirugai.
  • Learning to handle a Chirugai is significantly different from Baetyl practice. The larger, more potent Bladed Disc takes much longer to master. A Chirugai Adept can grow to share an almost empathic link with an attuned ferrilium artefact. There is no consciousness involved on the part of the artefact but it can often display characteristics resembling an almost proto-rudimentary sentience.
  • Baetyls have nothing of this faux-sentient quality and have no motive power of their own, being merely responsive to the telekinetic impulses propelling it and the mass of any object it encounters within the all-present magnetic fields. They can be controlled only with line-of-sight visual tracking. Once out of view they become erratic or inert.
  • As Baetyl training proceeds techniques for both defence and attack are practiced; how to create a steel ‘shield wall’, take out mid-air missiles (bullets and projectiles of all kinds) and extract the missile from any target it becomes imbedded in.
  • In every aspect of attunement and controlling a knife missile’s flight sound and audio-resonance is involved (see harmonic notes above). Long practices of mental discipline and emotional control are integral parts of all LV initiate training.
  • LV tutors are constantly on the look out for any dormant telekinetic ability in an initiate. When present it is a great advantage in the use and handling of any arcane LV weaponry or Irenwaepnry.
  • Mental visualisations or ‘imaging’ are also part of the training programme for a Baetyl initiate. One might visualise an electric bulb coming to life as one attunes to the artefact or see a swooping hawk guiding the Baetyl’s Such imaging strengthens the mental link an individual must have when exercising control of an activated knife missile. Each student will choose whatever works best for them.
  • Most Baetyls are small enough to fit into the palm of an adult hand.
  • A few rare ones can be as large as an adult’s hand.
  • Some are as small as the end of an adult thumb but these are exclusively used for training and are never allocated to an individual for use out in the world.
  • Some Baetyls were fashioned in ‘clusters’ or groups of 3x 4x or 6x from the same meteorite and can be made to ‘flock’, that is to fly in formation. In this situation the group can behave as if exhibiting a form of distributed intelligence, similar to murmuration patterns in birds.
  • Knife missiles vary from the highly decorated and ornate to the blandly plain.
  • All have an aerodynamic contour with razor sharp leading edges (unless blunted for early training).
  • There are hundreds of Baetyls but only a score or so Chirugai exist.
  • By the time Kurtis inherits his father’s Chirugai the whereabouts of most Baetyls are unknown. No doubt most of them were locked away in protected Lux Veritatis locations.


Final notes: by the end of the 20th century the processes involved in the alchemical restructuring of sky iron is a lost art. Detailed knowledge of the Calix Immanis techniques died with the demise of The Six Lux Veritatis Adepts who were wiped out in an apocryphal battle in Cappadocia. No new ferrilium artefacts or weapons have been created in decades.

  1. Calix Immanis translates as Savage Cup, which was an alchemical cauldron or furnace for the transmutation of elements.



There are five stages of Baetyl awakening & control.

  1. Coniuncti – attuning to the stone and awakening it. This is where visualisations are used to create the psychic connection with the ‘mind stone’
  2. Elevare – activating the ferrilium magnetic forces
  • Volito – levitation. The stone hovers, riding the planetary magnetic waves
  1. Impello – imparting an mind-impulse to propel the stone forwards
  2. Guberno – directing and steering the stone in flight and hitting a target.

The final part of any Baetyl practice is to return the stone to its starting point, its origin on the palm of the hand.



Lux Veritatis tutors in all Baetyl skills generally regarded the stones as blunt learning tools, nothing more, although their use as highly effective assets in combat had been recorded in several of the Order’s chronicle scrolls. One mythic account told of a legendary champion of the Order, Karnüte Waarhman of the Black Legion, who fought wielding a linked set of three ‘mind stones’ against the Koruman Erebedi in Anatolia.


Kurtis himself felt drawn to such tales of outsiders and renegades, in fact to anything or anyone the Elders disapproved of. The nickname given him by an LV Elder Trainer was Scurillitas or Buffoon. He was always testing the limits of what was acceptable, of what he could get away with and would often play extravagant and potentially lethal practical jokes on other initiates and even the Elder instructors themselves. His naturally rebellious nature often led him to taking alarming risks.


When it became clear early on in his Baetyl training that his psychic abilities were unusually promising he was marked as a future Chirugai trainee. Kurtis was not informed of this directly but found out anyway. From that point on he became impatient to begin handling the more advanced weapons as soon as possible. But he was never allowed. The carefully prescribed stages preparing anyone for such training were far too slow and tedious for such a tornado-spirited individual as Kurtis and he fretted at the seemingly endless delays. At around the age (19x) he began to seriously question whether he truly wanted to be a part of the never ending Shadow War between the LV Order and the Cabal forces of the Black Alchymist.  He broke into one of the inner sanctum training chambers and contrived to get his hands on a weapons cask containing an actual Chirugai. He began the trance state, testing whether the artefact would attune to him. He was delighted when the Ferrilium star seemed to respond. He positioned his hand about the blade. It slowly…hovered, rocking slightly beneath the outstretched arm. But things went quickly wrong. An Elder happened to enter the training sanctum and the Chirugai became suddenly erratic, accelerating away from the cask. Half attuned to the, as yet, unprepared young mind, it caromed about the chamber ricocheting off walls and almost killing the Elder. The ensuing inquisition into what had gone wrong went badly for Kurtis and soon afterwards he vanished. There were fears amongst some of the Order that he may have gone rogue.




As yet no significant arrests have been made in this latest outbreak of grotesque killings within the Capital and the Authorities refuse to comment. There have been 17x such murders reported to date.


Similar murders to these, so called, ‘Monstrum’ incidents, have occurred in other parts of Europe over the last decade, some as far back as the 1950s.


Forensics can make nothing of the bizarre metallic eruptions found on the bodies of the victims or of the unintelligible graffiti daubed around each murder site.


The name of the latest victim was just released, a Professor Werner Von Croy, renowned academic and archaeologist.


There are no known survivors of these attacks so far and at present nothing appears to link any of the individuals involved, although there is some conjecture about the significant number of casualties within Parisian gangland factions.


Meanwhile panic and speculation are rife within the Capital and members of the public are advised to go about their business exercising extreme caution, especially after dark.



The Korumal Erebedi, [Eternal Guardians or possibly Guardians of the Eternal] were a pre-biblical tribe who were originally allies of the ancient Nephilim race. However, over time they became much more than mere allies and were used increasingly as a first line of defence for the declining race. The Nephilim had never been vast in number and as their territories suffered relentless attacks from a hostile humanity the numbers dwindled even further. As a consequence they grew used to concealing their presence relying more and more on underground citadels constructed by the Korumal Erebedi for their protection.


As the centuries advanced and war parties from the neighbouring kingdoms pursued their single minded invasions of the sacred heartland of Anatolie an ambitious and far-reaching plan was devised. A select number of Nephilim would offer themselves to be placed in a state of self-induced dormancy, The Living Sleep. The Sleepers were laid in Cubiculim Nephili, heavily reinforced stone casks or sarcophagi, which were buried in widely scattered secret locations over much of central Capadoccia, as Anatolie later became known. Thus protected they could wait out the decades until the streams and currents of history proved more favourable. When conditions were properly aligned the Sleepers  would be revived and emerge to establish the Nephilim’s rightful place on the Earth.


The primary purpose of the Korumal Erebedi now became the safeguarding of these Nephilim Sleepers. They were passionately dedicated to this hallowed duty and fought off the continuing assaults and attempts to locate the sacred sleepers throughout the centuries.


Though not of direct Nephilim descent themselves the human Korumal Erebedi had benefited from Nephilim gifts or enhancements such as extended life spans and boosted physical abilities.  This was achieved by the use of what we would now understand as genetic restructuring. Amongst other things they were capable of astonishing feats of strength and endurance, and even a moderate ability to change their physical appearance.


From the 12th century onwards the most persistent and fanatical persecutors of the Cappadoccian strongholds were military Lux Veritatis forces hell bent on destroying all trace of the Nephilim race and those allied or loyal to them. Within the LV ranks the most blinded by zealotry were the Black Legion, an elite rank of zealots within an already secretive and exclusive Order. The Black Legion were scattered amongst the Knights Templar and often worked under cover of the Crusaders’ banners. They caused mayhem on a vast scale wiping out any suspected Nephilim settlements, seizing relics and artefacts, including the Periapt Shards and quantities of Ferrilium which they forged into Chirugai and Baetyl weapons to be used against their ‘unholy’ foes.





In 1345 an alchemist ,Pieter van Eckhardt, travelled to Anatolie searching for the forbidden truths and secrets behind the legends of the ‘Fallen Race’ and the ‘Blood Legacy’.  It was members of the Korumal Erebedi that he encountered. At that time there were only a score of living Nephilim Elders still active. A company of fifty five Elect Korumal Erebedi posed as true Nephilim, and began testing Eckhardt to see if he could be of use in the Nephilim long term plan, the Awakening of the Bloodline. What was needed was a fiercely driven, highly capable individual with no qualms whatsoever. It became clear that this grotesquely impelled Eckhardt was sufficiently ruthless and gifted for their purposes and they began to instruct him, on direct orders from the living Nephilim Elders. Eckhardt was indoctrinated and also underwent transmutational surgery as preparation for the task the Elders had in mind for him. He was to return to his own country and begin establishing a highly select breeding programme. This was intended to prepare suitable human ‘vessels’, or Nephumans, who could be used in revivifying the failing Nephilim blood line and reinvigorate it. He would be instrumental in bringing about an improved breed of neo-Nephilim.


His blood was infused with rare distillations and essences, an elixir that would grant him an extended one hundred years of active life. His body bore many scars due to the extensive grafts performed on him. He had essentially been transformed into something resembling the Korumal Erebedi themselves although without a full range of their abilities or an understanding of their extensive lore. The full majestic scope of the Nephilim’s true history and purpose was never imparted to him.


“Nec scire fas est omnia”. It is not permitted to know all things.


The extensive scarring healed within months of his return to Europe and he set about establishing a wide network of Breeding Communities across Europe and contingent countries. His vigour and mental application had been boosted to almost superhuman levels and he was tireless in founding a Dark Cabal of similarly ambitious (and unhinged) alchymists to help him carry out his given task. (See documents ECKHARDT’S EARLY TASKS FOR THE NEPHILIM and other related Eckhardt documents.]



There are very few remaining traces of the Korumal Erebedi today that can be verified as authentic. Several statues and face masques of disputed origin, can be found in dusty corners of forgotten or remote museums. Items do exist in a number of private archives and collections [e.g. Rouzic at the Strahov], but apart from these, all trace of the once dedicated tribe have been lost in the storms of history.


Fanciful stories of their involvement with an ancient race descended from angels, the Gibborim, continue to be uncovered from time to time, usually associating them with sites such as The Vault of the Seven Sleepers, the Yedi Uyunlar, at Ephèse. Others are at Űr Kaŝdim and the so called secret city of Cennet where a series of massive Sentinel Stones are said to stand guard at the entrances of an extensive labyrinth of caves. Other locations associated in myth to the Nephilim, the Grigori, the Bene Elim or the Watchers are Közaş, Urgüp and Tonlar Vadisi or The Valley of Shades. Tales linking John Dee the Elizabethan alchymist to tales of angelic alphabets and crypts concealing troves of arcane secrets are sometimes linked to Nephilim myths. He would occasionally sign himself as Voiceless Angel, believed to refer to the legend of a higher being help captive in an unending pit of pain. It is not certain where Dee’s body lies so no one can delve into the ghost-rumour that he may himself be some kind of ‘Sleeper’ awaiting a clarion call to the final reckoning. He had written of an awakening of the Golden Lion but no one is sure quite what this refers to as it occurs nowhere else in his writings.


By 1938 the last of the Korubal Erebedi had been wiped out and only five living Nephilim survived. There are scant records, verifiable or otherwise, of any mysterious stone sarcophagi to be found anywhere and such accounts as can be tracked down prove to be mostly unreliable…or at least well concealed from general scrutiny.


By 2000 Karel was the last of his race and everything depended on ensuring that the treacherous and unhinged Eckhardt could finish the task set for him back in the 14th century. It hardly mattered that Eckhardt was by now insane, carrying out his grotesque pantomime as the Monstrum to further his work. All Karel is concerned about is that Eckhardt be ‘allowed’ to discover the site of one of the few remaining Cubiculum Nephili and bring it to the Strahov in Prague. It would seem that the final awakening and revivification of the Nephilim blood line is imminent …or is it!?!


The journal is available as a digital download and as a physical object of movie-prop quality, bound in real leather and scuffed/aged to reflect the hazardous lifestyle of its owner!