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DIGITAL DOWNLOAD IS NOW LIVE / DVDs / First batch to ship

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD IS NOW LIVE / DVDs / First batch to ship

Hi all,
We’re pleased to announced that Digital Download is now available!
All of our Kickstarter backers who pledged for digital version would’ve received a digital code via their kickstarter email so please check your spam if you haven’t got it. Please follow the instructions in that email, it will mean you will need to create an account on our website as it’s not linked with Kickstarter.  
As before, the download is available in your account in our shop.
Do contact me ash@peterconnelly.com if there are any issues but please be patient with my response time 🙂
Please double check that you indeed bought the digital copy of the album prior contacting. If you haven’t bought the digital copy of the album you can get it here and listen to it now:
Be aware that we expect a very high load on our website today due to the amount of downloads happening (these are big files!).
We have upgraded performance with our hosting provider but just want you to be aware of this. If you can please download files one-by-one rather than all at once. This will help reduce any lag for fellow backers.  Thanks in advance for your understanding, support and cooperation!


Original schedule was to ship 5% of orders by the end of December. We’re pleased to say that this number now stands at 23% as we recounted the number of digital-only orders and factored those in.
We’re now preparing to ship our first batch of orders
We’re just waiting for CDs to arrive which should be any day now!
You will receive an email notification when your order is shipped and we’re shipping in order of your backer numbers. If you won’t receive such email then no need to panic, you’re in our next batch 🙂
We expect to ship 2nd batch at the end of January and last batch at the end of February at the latest.

Quality Control

I was not satisfied with 5 of the tshirts printed. Fortunately, our printing partner agreed to reprint those. However, with Christmas fast approaching they might not arrive before the CDs. If that does happen and your order is in the first batch and includes an affected tshirt then we will ship the faulty tshirt AND send you a reprinted one at a later date. There’s nothing horribly wrong with faulty tshirts, just some minor differences to our original idea so you will have a backup tshirt 🙂 Yep, we’re a bit pedantic.
Those affected will have a note included in their parcels saying that we will send another tshirt later.

Traod OST 5.1 DVDs

These are with us and we just thought you’d like to see how these look:

Sheet music:

These now went into print and we expect it to arrive to us sometime in January as we mentioned in our last update.
Some of the orders in our first batch have Sheet music in them but we will not be delaying shipping because of it so you will receive your sheet music book at a later date at our expense as mentioned before.


These went into production on Monday and we expect them to arrive to us mid/end January. 
Some of the orders we’re shipping in the first batch do have vinyl in them so this will be sent separately to those backers at our expense as per our last update. 

The original 2002 Angel of Darkness RAW Recordings:

Polite reminder you have a chance to win original recordings from Abbey road!
Proceedings will go towards the debt that the project got Peter/team into. As we mentioned, the projects overall budget is <£150,000 and 2/3rds of that were funded by Peter and the team. Peter’s passion for the project and his love to the games is incredible and more than anyone will ever know <3
PLUS this will give you a chance to own a fantastic piece of gaming history in your collection! 
Also, 10% of profits go to Cancer Research charity.
Get entering: