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The Dark Angel Supercharged

Hi all,
It has been a while but, as you can imagine, we were super busy behind the scenes. 
There are a few things we need to let you know so here goes:
As of yesterday, Peter sold his beautiful BMW F01 740d M sport. He will be spending 5% of the money to buy a much cheaper car and put the rest of the sum towards The Dark Angel.
Our arranger, Dr Richard Niles, is currently working stuff out but we can definitely confirm that live string and brass section as well as more involvement from Tina Guo and Julie Elven is pretty much settled.
As a member of Peter’s team I can’t express how proud we all are to work alongside such passionate leader! 


85% of you finished the backer surveys. We’d like to gently remind the rest of you to confirm your postal addresses and choose your addons. 
We also decided to celebrate the fact that the project is getting extra funds from the car sale by giving our backers a 10% discount shop-wide* so go and grab those statues, pendants, concept arts and whatever else you want! Enter “thedarkangelsupercharged” during checkout stage to apply this discount. Every purchase, particularly at this stage when we’re booking musicians, is absolutely crucial as it will allow us to hire more musicians.
*The code will expire on the 20th of March 2019.


May is getting closer so we’d like to remind that we’re hosting a backer/buyer dinner in Derby. Make sure to join this facebook group and provide the email address you used to ensure that you’re accepted:
We will soon be asking everyone who marked themselves as “maybe attending” to confirm so we could book for the right amount of people. We are attempting to invite the Core Design team members too!
We recently played The Angel of Darkness live with Peter and Murti Schofield. You can watch it here: