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Project Update 11/01/2019

Project Update 11/01/2019


With the new year comes a new update on our progress.

I’m currently selecting/gathering all of the tracks that I want to include into one, easily-accessible location.

This involves me creating a MONSTER Excel spreadsheet so I can keep track of all the files that I’m excavating and dusting off.

There are MIDI files, Cubase files, and – of course – the recordings/mockups/scores that were used by the LSO for THe Angel of Darkness.

It’s a hefty task that also involves me hooking up my old Windows XP machine and converting lots of files to .cpr format… Phew!

Meanwhile, Dr Richard Niles is familiarizing himself with the music and jotting down his initial ideas ahead of putting pen to paper.

Each track will have direction in terms of what we did or didn’t like, how they can be improved and altered without harming their original tone, etc.

Having Richard on board, as I’ve said countless times, is going to raise this music to a level of quality I could never achieve on my own.

Don’t forget: you still have time to pre-order The Dark Angel Symphony on our website AND you can even book a studio visit to see where the magic is taking place!