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The Dark Angel has Awoken! MAIN GOAL (£60,000) – SMASHED

The Dark Angel has Awoken! MAIN GOAL (£60,000) – SMASHED

Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel just hit the main goal of £60,000! We now have 10 days to fund a stretch goal or three.

A message from our Peter Connelly:

Firstly, I want to THANK YOU ALL for all our of pledges and support throughout or campaign. Last night we Levelled Up and we can now consider this campaign a SUCCESS and will GO AHEAD… and it’s all down to you. THANK YOU.

I will be posting later what Stretch Goal 1 means to the project. Personally, I think it’s imperative we, at least, get this. Each Stretch Goal is designed to bring BIGGER and BETTER things to the project and having Dr Richard Niles on board, the ONLY reason this Campaign is a reality in the first place, is of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE to getting this PERFECT and EXACT. I’m struggling to find suitable similes but, all in all, the difference using Richard will be HUGE. Don’t get me wrong, me doing it all in my studio will produce excellent results (without blowing my own trumpet, parp) but, having someone of Richards calibre involved (please do Google him, his CV is outrageously amazing) will make it unique and exemplary. We MUST reach Stretch Goal 1. RICHARD IS THE DARK ANGEL.

However it pans out, the money invested into this Campaign will be invested wisely to bring you the best possible results within our budget. Exciting times ahead, me thinks 😀

THANK YOU once again… I know it was inevitable (judging from the last KS Campaign we launched) that we would hit Main Goal but, seeing it an actual reality, has got me and the team buzzing. We have worked VERY hard behind the scenes and it is paying off.

We still have 11 days to go, the Campaign ends at Midnight on the 3rd December and I am confident from here on backing will start to pick up at a decent rate. I know there are still many of you waiting until the end of the month, closer to pay day, so I know there are still a lot of support for this.

I’ll shut up now 😀

Love to you all,

Peter and Team